Friday, September 20, 2013

Spanking Survey!!

I found this survey on one of my favorite blogs, The Taming of the Shrew, and thought it would be fun to do!

1.) Was there a certain event from your life, that sparked the spanking interest? If so, feel free to share:

50 Shades of Grey. I read the book and was extremely attracted to the whole idea of dominance and submission, punishments, and spankings. 

2.) What do you most often call your HOH/Spanker? (Sir, Master, etc.)
Sir or Baby

3.) What does your HOH/Spanker most often call you? (Young Lady, Girl, etc)
Babe or Baby

4.) We're building a big spanko bonfire, which one implement are you bringing to toss in?
The heavy wooden paddle 

5.) We all know how many punishments there are to choose from; spanking, lecturing, corner time, etc.. but what about rewards? Do you have a favorite 'reward' that is used? If not, what's something you'd like used as a reward?
Good Girl Spankings :)

6.) What's that one phrase, that when it's used, you know you're in trouble?
Go get the paddle 

7.) What's something you'd like to cross off your spanking bucket list? Being shy is not an option here people. ;)
I may be nuts for saying this but I really want to try a cane. 

8.) Someone comes to you, and says they just started practicing domestic discipline. What's the biggest piece of advice you can give them?
Take it slow and communicate 

9.) Where is the craziest place you've been spanked?
No where too crazy. I have been threatened with spankings in more public place but (thankfully!) they never happened

10.) We talked about a spanking bucket list, now let's get a little more into it.. what about a BDSM style bucket list? What's something you'd like to cross off of that?
We started out with BDSM so we have tried pretty much everything. :) 

11.) Is there a punishment you thought you'd never try, but ended up trying and finding effective?
Corner time 

12.) What is something you wish you knew before you started DD/TTWD?
Not to rush it

13.) If you could take a break from one rule, for one week, which rule would it be?
I chore that I am suppose to do every other day

14.) This might sound like a no brainer at first, but really think about it. If you could only have one sort of spanking in your dynamic, would you rather it be discipline or fun?
Discipline. I LOVE Good Girl spankings but I need discipline spankings and so does our relationship 

15.) If your HOH/Spanker messed up, and offered to let you spank them, would you? Why/Why not?
No. It would just feel wrong and out of balance

16.) What is your favorite form of aftercare?
Sex or Cuddling 

17.) How was DD/spanking brought up to you, or how did you bring it up to your partner?
I brought it up. I told Bryan about 50 Shades of Grey and that the whole D/s dynamic was attractive to me and he agreed to start it.

18.) If your spanker could use only one implement from here on out, what would they use?
The Lexan Paddle 

19.) Do you have a favorite pair of panties to wear when you know you're going to be spanked? If so, what are they?

20.) Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on how you look at it) mind reading hasn't yet been perfected. What's something you want your HOH/Dom/Spanker to know? (For example, don't be afraid to spank harder, or something along those lines.) Don't be afraid, spill!
Probably don't be afraid to spank harder and Thank you for fulling this need I have to be submissive.
Also even though I sometimes whine about it, I like it when you are strict with me. 

*Bonus Question (just because it's fun)- Is there a picture (spanking, dd, Ds, etc related) that you just really love? If so, let's see it!

I really like this picture. I think its very sexy and whenever I look at it, it gives me the same feeling that I get when Bryan is pulling my panties down :)

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