Saturday, September 14, 2013

And the wait is over!

I started writing this post last week and have now just gotten around to finishing it. :)

I'm writing this blog post on a pretty sore little bottom. I received two pretty tough spankings yesterday. I lived and I am glad it is over!! :)

The first spanking I received was for going WAY over my shopping 3x over..opps. Lol! So I love clothes and fashion and I love to shop! Too much! I have gotten myself into financial trouble over it. 

Because of this my boyfriend set a clothing budget for $100 a month and no using store credit cards. If I was going to buy anything over the budget, I need to consult with Bryan. Fair enough. Its actually is VERY good for me to have a low budget. 

Well this weekend one of my best friends was in town and we went shopping, And I lost my mind. I got a skirt, a dress, a top, and a jacket. At that point I had already gone $70 over my budget. But I didn't stop there! I went to the shoe department and saw these beautiful Michael Kors strappy sandals. I tried them on and loved them even more! So I bought them on my store credit card.... opps AND they were over $100.... opps.

When I got home reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I broke two rules blatantly. I finally got up the courage to tell Bryan. He was not pleased. He told me I was in big trouble and when he had the chance I would have a very sore behind. 

So when my friend left it was over Bryan's knee for me. :( He put me over his knee, bared my bottom, and started with his hand for a warm up. He than moved on to the Lexan paddle. I hate that thing! It stings like hell! It was the longest spanking I have ever had. I never thought it would end. But it did and I survived! 

Later that evening I got spanked for being VERY disresepctful. It was also a long spanking and hurt that much more because of the pervious spanking. 

I deserved both of these spankings and was almost grateful for them. I felt a little out of control again with my shopping and having Bryan enforce the rules put everything back in control. It felt wonderful to have boundaries and to have someone hold me accountable for my behavior. I am very lucky :)


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