Thursday, July 25, 2013

Well I didn't get it together....

I had a terrific day at work and class and than I got home. Things were fine at first and then I let it slip that I haven't been taking notes or paying attention in class. Not smart!
BF: What!?
Me: Yes I don't pay attention or take notes because it is so boring
BF: So have you actually been doing your homework?
Me: (bite my lip) no

Needless to say I got spanked pretty hard! He used his wooden paddle and it hurt so much! It is even bigger than the lexan paddle so it covers even more of my bottom. It also leaves a deep pain but stings at the same time! Its the worst!

I really do feel awful about lying. I cried during this spanking and I usually don't cry. I need more than physical pain to cry. Lying to him I feel is the worst thing you can do in a relationship and what makes it worse, I lied multiple times. I felt awful about it. I still do. I just hate that I made him so angry and broke his trust. I learned a valuable that won't need repeating.

I have been thinking about it and realize that I need to not take for granted the fact that Bryan cares about me enough to make sure that I work hard in school and when I don't he cares enough to discipline me. I am blessed that I have found some that cares and loves me this much..... even if it does leave me with a sore bottom :) <3

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